The Perfect Home Dance Exercise Routine

There are days when in spite of performing well at work and in personal life, you feel a sense of drag that refuses to enthuse you with energy when it is time to start out afresh. If you have been facing such a scenario, then do not have any apprehensions, this happens to all of us. In fact, with the increasing stress at work, every person realizes he or she has forgotten to take out time for himself or herself as the case may be. And is there a way out? There definitely is.

A little variety in life can help you get rid of all those moments of disparity and stress take-overs. We share with you a small secret here. We all know loving our own selves is important to keep the smiles around us intact. So why don’t we spend a little amount of time in giving ourselves the attention that we so deserve? All experts in personality development suggest the same. So, here is the icing on the cake. A crisp dance exercise routine added to your daily schedule can add a lot of charm to your tiring face. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the easy regime that we have in store for you. Life only gets better when you go for this regime, trust us!

Start With A Swift Shower:

You could do this easily after work or a long day out of home. Also, activities inside your home may get cumbersome and leave you feeling exhausted. Pep up the mood for your dancing exercise by taking a swift shower before it. Remember, your health is best capacitated when a gush of warm water cleanses your body and refreshes the mind. By saying this, we mean that a warm water shower is advised, always.

Music : Select Three Top Favorites and Three New Artists

Your playlist decides how well you can cope with the changing times. Yes. Make sure your favorite artists are included in the playlist. The favorite numbers must come first, while the new ones can come in later. Start with slow songs and do not keep the lights burning in your room if you are feeling conscious. Instead, go for a dim lit ambience with soft music to set in the mood to dance. With daily practice, the tendency to feel conscious will vanish in no time. As the pace of the songs pick up, you could put the favorite or most enjoyed number on repeat. Get ready, your ride is just about to begin.

Groove, Jive, or Hip-Hop : You Decide

There are specific dance styles. And there are aerobics. So as you groove to your favorite set of voices, you must start recalling all those aerobics you learnt at school and start including them in a specific order in your dance routine. Go by comfort and start with the easy ones. You will see that the flow of juices that comes with a combination of music and dance, will help you enjoy better benefits from the exercises. Go for hip-hop for the fast numbers.

Fifteen Minutes Of Fast Tracks ;

Fast track songs need to be played at loud volumes. They help you concentrate on the dance exercises, and improve body flexibility. But do not extend beyond fifteen minutes.

After you are done with the dance exercise regime, spend a few silent minutes in a garden or the balcony. Close the ritual with a simmering cup of beverage or a cold drink. Bliss!